These women have created a community that redefines what it means to be strong, female, and resilient. With dance, community outreach, education programs and content creation, they dazzle and push the boundaries that others place in the way.


Women Empowering Women with Disabilities to Live Boundlessly and Shift Perspectives Through Dance.

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Hi, I'm Chelsie and I'm a professional dancer, community leader, content creator, and Founder/CEO of Rollettes, a Los Angeles based wheelchair dance team that’s committed to education, disability representation, and female empowerment. 

While adjusting to my new reality post-injury, I wanted to meet other young women like me and make friends. In 2012, I got on my social media and invited six women to my hometown of Monterey, CA to put on a performance in front of friends, family, and the local community.  With rehearsals, sleepovers, and a lot of girl time, we bounded over the few days and became a team. That’s how the Rollettes were founded! I am so honored to have partnered with some amazing brands like Aerie, Target, Love Beauty and Planet, Wells Fargo, Clorox, Tommy Hilfiger, Athleta, GymShark, Reebok, TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram. Together with my team, we have built the largest network of women with disabilities across the USA and around the world.

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I’m Conner! I tend to be a bit bashful, but like to open myself up to the world and its experiences, never taking life too seriously. I grew up in a small town located in Southern Illinois, called St. Louis, Missouri home for almost eight years, and now reside in Southern California. I have a bachelor’s degree in fashion merchandising, and a natural affinity to anything involving clothes. Most of my days are spent cuddling my cat Baker, working for the team, or filling my apartment with the scent of chocolate chip cookies. I try my best to enjoy the little things and little moments of life.


In 2015, two weeks after I graduated college, I was involved in a car accident, leaving me with life-threatening internal injuries and multiple spinal fractures. I’ve been a dancer since the age of 5. I danced my way through both high school and college. Life with my spinal cord injury felt completely different from my life as an able-bodied person, and created this huge sense of loss within myself. Discovering the Rollettes after my injury was a defining moment, and cultivated this feeling in me that I could once again dance my way through life.

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My name is Steph! Despite having a C5 spinal cord injury, I'm a makeup artist, childcare teacher, mentor, vlogger (YouTube) and one of the newest dancers on the team. Since being on the dance team, I've not only gained physical strength but strength in my confidence with dancing. Dancing was always important to me and I'm so blessed to now have a family who is just as passionate about something that makes me feel so free.

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Hey, Maria here! February 13, 2012  I became an L1 Incomplete Spinal Cord Injury due to an alcohol related car crash. 5 months later, when given the opportunity to dance with other women with similar experiences as me, I had no hesitation to join and became one of the original members of the Rollettes. We immediately started out as friends but quickly grew into a unique family that motivates each other to push their limits.


With the support of this team, I found my passion of adaptive fitness and became a certified personal trainer specializing in Corrective Exercise and Exercise Therapy. It is my goal to make health and fitness accessible for all bodies so we can live healthier and happier lives. You can learn more about me and find all the tools you need to get stronger on my TikTok and Instagram @MariaRabaino
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I’m Catherine! In 2012 I was diagnosed with transverse myelitis a rare neurological disorder leaving me a T10 paraplegic. It was a hard adjustment being 15 ,and having to take a few steps back when everyone else was moving on. But to this day I wouldn't change a thing that has happened to me because it led me to this amazing group of girls I get to call my sisters. Over the years I have found a career I am incredibly passionate about. I have pursued a degree at GIA to become a Graduate Gemologist. I am crazy about all things diamonds and colored stones and hope to open my own storefront one day.

I was born and raised in Houston, Tx and currently reside in Southern California. I have learned to make the most of a situation I couldn't control and love living life. In my free time I love going on adventures, traveling, being with friends, and trying new things. I love pushing my boundaries and getting out my comfort zone. 

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My name is Samantha. I was injured in 2012 when I fell from a 3 story apartment and as a result I have a T12 spinal cord injury. I have been on the dance team in 2014. Joining the dance team was and has been the best choice I  have made. Dance was something that I always wanted to do and always caught my attention before my accident, but it was never something I actually pursued. About after a year into my injury, I realized how short life is and how I should be spending it by doing what I love and basically just taking chances in life. I don't think I could have fallen in love with dance if it weren't for the girls on the team. They have made this journey unforgettable & the bond that we have is unbreakable.

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