Missie Mikulec

Hi my name is Missie :) I started cheerleading when I was 4 and did it all the way until I was 18, it was my life!

I put cheer aside to focus on college, but still always tumbled and came up with cheer choreo for fun... my bathroom mirror witnessed it’s fair share of dance moves! I also started taking aerial silk classes! 

After I earned my degree and became a diagnostic medical sonographer I started my dream job and got married to my high school sweetheart. One year later I found out I had a tumor in my spine and on June 5, 2019 the surgery to remove it didn’t go as planned. I suffered a spinal cord injury and became a T9 incomplete paraplegic.

While still laying in the hospital I was told about the Rollettes and wanted to go to the Rollettes experience (which was just a few weeks away) ... I didn’t realize just sitting up was going to be hard! 

I have now gained so much strength and courage and I’m ready for this new adventure as a Rollettes lil sis! Turns out It wasn’t cheering that was my life, its being part of a team. I appreciate what the Rollettes and Boundless Babe Society has done for me and I hope I can help bring that much happiness to others.